This PDF includes the updated flip chart AND the Repair pages (basically, there are 2 versions of pages 35 - 46 so you can swap them depending on whether you are doing a Miracle Set party or a Repair party)


Contouring Placemat to Fill Out How to Fill out a Sales Slip
Creating a Powerful IStory (pdf) Creating a Powerful IStory (word doc)
Individual Consultation Complete Skincare Class
Matching Foundation Chart Matching Foundation Questions
Progress Brings Results Postcard The Secret to Matching Foundation
Contouring Pic Collage Preprofiling Script
Body of a Skin Care Class Progress Brings Results


Margaret's Complete
Skin Care Class
Tray Set Basic Class

Repair Closing Sheet
Build a Bag Closing Sheet Build a Bag
Color Set Sheet Closing Placemat
Set Sheet Tina's Closing Sheet

Repair Brand Comparison Sheet You are Gorgeous Repair
Clear Proof Close Basic TimeWise Sets
Feel Beautiful Everyday Front Feel Beautiful Everyday - Back