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New Consultant 1

12 Classes in 2 Days 100 Ways to Work Your Business
Warm Chatter Before and After Sheets
Booking Get Your Name in Drawing Booking Script
Booking Script Pg 2 Booking Dialogues by Anne Harmon
Compact Price of Date Held Deal or No Deal at Skin Care Class
Drawing Booking Script Full Circle Master Consultant
Get it Free Hostess Extravaganza
Mary Kay Gift Drawing Entry Cars Outside Order Form
Party Pack Follow Up Card Penny Booking Idea
What to Put in a Goodie Bag

Career Path Movement
Career Path - Party Your Way to the Top

Pre-Profiling And Hostess Notes
Hostess Note Sheet

New Consultant 2

Art of Eye Color Application Custom Look

GNO Invite Supplies For Guest at Success Night

$200 Hostess Plan 100 Free Hostess Flyer
8 Hostess Flyer Girl Time Handbag Hostess
Hostess Glamour Set Up in Brush Bag Hostess Packet
Hostess Planner MK Coaching Hostess
Hostess Extravaganza Party Invitation Postcard
Party Themes Reward Hostess
So Hot 123 Coupons

100 Question Career Path
Mrs CAB Purse Game Mrs CAB Purse Game Close

Awesome Resources Earned Discount
Perfect or Power Start

100 Guest and Interview Tracking Sheet Body of Skincare Class Postcard
Bubble Sheet One Month Normal

Party Your Way to the Top Reviewed Progress Brings Results Postcard
Tracking Power and Perfect Start Interviews

4 Ps to Success Daily 6 List
Orientation 4 Page Sheet Orientation Fill in Blank
Perfect Start 5 Party Tracking Steps to Success

Party Tray - Botanicals - Green Party Tray - Clear Proof - Blue
Party Tray - Miracle - Yellow Party Tray - Repair - Pink
Tray Set Up

New Consultant 3

Unleashed Flip Chart Wash Your Face with MK

Warrior Program Flyer Warrior Program Tracker

Booking Bingo Fabulous Friends Game for Leads
Fabulous Sheet Referral Script

Texting Scripts Texting Various Script

Margaret's Accolades
Consultant Emotional Cycle .docx Consultant Emotional Cycle PDF